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Utah Concealed Handgun Permit Class

Why would you want to get a Utah Concealed Carry Permit as an Virginia Resident or a Resident from an other state?

That’s a good question, and the answer is: You can legally carry a concealed firearm in 38 states as a Virginia Resident with the combination of both a Virginia Resident and a Utah Non-Resident Permit.  So, as you travel, a Utah concealed carry permit will allow you to protect yourself in more states than just a Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit alone.

Or, you live in Maryland, or DC and would like to have some reciprocity with other states so you can legally carry out side of Maryland or DC as neither have any reciprocity (as of 2024) with other states.

All 50 States now issue Concealed Carry Permits thanks for the US Supreme Court ruling in NYSRPA v. Bruen, and in every one of those states the crime rate has gone down when concealed carry permits became more readily available to law abiding citizens.

Our Utah Concealed Carry Permit training class takes about 3 hours, and covers all of the requirements to obtain the Utah Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit. The course is a classroom based course taught by NRA certified & Utah BCI certified instructors.  Course instruction includes:  handgun safety rules, handgun parts and operation, ammunition, fundamentals of shooting, safe firearms handling, Utah criminal & traffic code, practical and legal considerations, and more.

We do a lot more than just teach a Utah concealed carry permit training class. We also provide the required…

  • Application
  • Fingerprinting (Required for UT a Self Printing Kit is provided)
  • 2×2 Photo

All you have to do after taking our class is mail everything in to Utah with your application fee and wait!

Length of Course: ~3 hours. $120.00