About Us

Our Company Historic Arms Corporation is proud to offer a wide range of firearm training classes
Historic Arms Corporation was founded many years ago with the specific purpose of giving perpetual corporate form to a class 3 firearms business that originated back in the early seventies.

Subsequently, a test and evaluation facility was established. Over time certified instructors were added to the staff and today Historic Arms conducts advanced firearms training and many of the concealed carry training classes in Virginia. Indeed today Historic Arms is training about 5000 students per year.

These classes are tactical as well as non-tactical and are offered at various convenient commercial locations, gun shows, client facilities and in our state of the art Mobile Firearms Training Unit.

They range from those designed to safely introduce beginners to firearms to the most advanced tactical Force-on-Force classes designed to provide civilians as well as professionals with safe, effective training in advanced firearm tactics.

nra-certified-instructor-loAdvanced state-of-the-art simulators are used to enhance the firearm training experience in much the same way that modern flight simulators are used to train prospective aviators.

Simulators and Live Fire
In our increasingly violent world, proper firearms training can mean the difference between life and death. To support its provision of the best possible firearms training, Historic Arms has developed mobile training facilities complete with computer driven laser based simulators and is now an approved provider of Simunition® firearms training, a live-fire training system using non-lethal ammunition for Force-on Force Real World firearms training.

At Historic Arms beginners and the most advanced professionals receive the benefit of the most modern computer controlled laser based firearms training simulators. These simulators enhance the firearms learning experience by training with firearms in a (relatively) quiet environment where communication with the instructor is not impeded by hearing protection equipment and where firearms and firearms safety can be learned without concern that an inadvertent mistake could be fatal.