Our emphasis is always on safe, effective handling and use of a wide range of firearms in a friendly, positive training environment.

bob1sBob – Founder, CEO and Chief Instructor

Bob was originally trained as a physicist but rapidly moved from science into the business world. His involvement in firearms led to his operating several gun stores and firing ranges in several states which led to his current interest in automatic weapons and firearm training. Indeed, years ago one of his early companies manufactured the Browning M2 Heavy Barrel machine gun for the military. Many years ago he founded Historic Arms and is currently its CEO and Chief Instructor.

While Bob is still eager at every opportunity to learn more from others, he has a world of knowledge and expertise relating to firearms and receives his greatest pleasure from passing this knowledge on to others.

As an experienced jet rated aviator he came to appreciate the benefits of using computerized flight simulators for training. This led directly to his desire to bring the benefits of computerized firearm simulators to civilian firearm training – particularly in situations where the dangers of live fire may outweigh the benefits. He has been a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFLISOT) since 1978. As such he is authorized to possess, use and deal in full automatic weapons, silencers, cannons and similar firearms.
He is also:

  • A VCDl Member
  • A GOA Life Member
  • A Front Sight Diamond Member
  • An NRA Recruiter
  • An NRA Range Safety Officer
  • An NRA Certified Rifle Instructor
  • An NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • An NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor
  • An NRA Certified Home Firearms Safety Instructor
  • An NRA Certified Personal Protection in the Home
  • An NRA Certified Personal Protection Outside the Home
  • A Certified Colt Armorer
  • A Simunition® Scenario Instructor
  • A Virginia licensed Firearm Dealer
  • A Virginia Registered Private Investigator
  • A Federally Licensed Firearm Manufacturer
  • An FAA Licensed Commercial Pilot with Lear-Jet, Instrument and Multi-Engine Ratings

11Rick – Lead Tactical Firearms Instructor

Having been a professional firearms instructor for over 30 years, Rick has taught defensive/evasive driving techniques, Red Cross First Aid, and firearms use in protective and tactical situations. He received his Virginia State Corrections certification for both pistol and shotgun in 1986, was certified as a Federal Police Officer for both pistol and shotgun in 1987 and became certified as a Federal Protective Agent in pistol, shotgun and sub-machine gun during 1992-96.

He was certified in 1997 as an FBI firearms instructor and then served as an advanced firearms instructor at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia.

During his various assignments (“Been there, Done that”) he has provided extensive instruction all over the world for a variety of clients and the U.S. government.

Rick’s experience with shotgun and submachine gun skills in both foreign and domestic environments has given him a unique perspective on personal security, as well as an abiding respect for safe and effective use of firearms. His friendly, positive style and personal attention is the result of a broad range of firearms training with people of all skill levels.

Rick’s qualifications:

  • Red Cross Instructor Certification
  • Virginia State Corrections Certification in Pistol and Shotgun
  • Federal Police Officer Certification in Pistol and Shotgun
  • Special Agent Certification as a Federal Protective Agent in Pistol, Shotgun Sub-machine gun
  • Firearms Instructor Certification, FBI Academy Quantico


  • Protective Tactics and Marksmanship Training; Glock, M-4, Shotgun
  • Firearms Tactics and; Range Safety Officer,
  • An FBI Field Division
  • NRA Instructor Certification
  • NRA Range Safety Officer Certification
  • Utah BCI Certified Instructor

Jason – Lead Permit Firearms InstructorJasonBIO

Jason was an experienced information technology guru and private gun owner for over 20 years when his natural teaching abilities surfaced. Recognizing that, Jason changed careers so that he could devote himself to teaching responsible firearms ownership and usage with Historic Arms. As Jason’s teaching abilities matured and he became an NRA Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer he also became the lead instructor for Historic Arms in civilian Permit to Carry classes.

He has taught, literally, thousands of firearm students in hundreds of classes and gets great pleasure in seeing his past students go on to become safe, responsible armed members of their communities. A strong proponent of the 2nd amendment, Jason keeps up to date on as many new laws and rules relating to gun ownership as he can and even numbers full automatic firearms among his fondest personal possessions.

As an Ambassador Level Member of Front Sight and a Virginia registered firearm Salesperson he continues to devote himself to improving his personal firearm knowledge and skills. While we don’t like to see him take time away from his students and permit classes he, nevertheless, spends what free time he has racing motorcycles on the track.


Dani- Firearms Instructor

Having grown up in Mexico (equivalent to D.C. gun laws), Dani did not grow up near guns, and didn’t even have the opportunity of shooting a gun until Screenshot_2014-09-27-18-47-292008 when she started dating a Virginia police officer. After learning proper firearm safety, and a few range sessions, she decided guns were fun and jumped into the competitive shooting world. However, she was still working on her medical degree in Mexico, and her “play time” at the range was limited to a few weeks out of the year.

In 2010, while sleeping in her home in Mexico three armed men kicked the door in, tied her up, and took everything she owned. While she had never been opposed to guns, the unpleasant realization that she had nothing to defend herself with that day, made her determined to never be in that position again, and made her a strong advocate of the Second Amendment. As soon as she finished medical school, she moved to Virginia and continued her firearms training and competitive shooting, eventually becoming an NRA certified Pistol Instructor and a Utah CBI Instructor, and doing her part to keep others from being put in the same defenseless situation she had found herself in.

As a firearms instructor and a competitive shooter Dani continues to advocate for law abiding citizens’ right to keep and bear arms for self defense, as well as for good, healthy fun. In her personal life, Dani spends much of her free time hunting upland birds with her husband and german shorthaired pointer.


Sandy – Firearms Instructor

Having retired after 37 years as a Virginia State Trooper, Sandy lives, eats and breathes firearms. His becoming an NRA Certified Instructor was just a natural outgrowth of his involvement with firearms.

Indeed, most days he can be found at the range shooting trap, skeet or pistols and most weekends he can be found at a gun show sharing his extensive firearm knowledge especially with regard to silencers. With his many years in law enforcement he brings a perspective that can only come from having “Been there, Done that”. Everyone exposed to Sandy comes away better from having had the privilege of sharing some small part of his knowledge.


billsBill – Firearms Instructor

Even though Bill grew up around firearms he prefers the bow when out hunting. As an NRA Certified Instructor he enjoys showing others the intricacies of firearms and, more importantly, the safe and responsible ownership and use of firearms.

When not involved with firearms he can usually be found in the woods hunting or at one of the horse shows where his horses have won several National Championships.


Merle – Firearms Instructor

As a NRA Certified Instructor Merle loves to be the poster child for safe responsible use of firearms. While she enjoys pistol and rifle shooting it is the belt fed machine guns that bring forth the biggest grin.

She has been in the machine gun business for over forty years and has been involved in the ownership and management of two different gun stores each with its own indoor firing range.


Steve Sulzer – Firearms Instructor & Attorney

Steve has been active in the shooting sports dating back to the mid-1990s, when he began shooting service rifles in competition against the Marine Corps Rifle Teams and the Army Marksmanship Unit.  He began his competitive shooting career with the M1A and transitioned to the AR-15 in 2000.  He competed in three position “across the course” iron sight matches at distances of 200, 300, and 600 yards, and  has also competed at 1,000 yards.  When Mr. Sulzer retired from competition in 2005, he was shooting Master level scores.  He still shoots handguns (particularly M-1911s) avidly, has held a Virginia Concealed Carry Permit since the late 1990s, and is an NRA-certified pistol instructor.









Elizabeth Font – Firearms Instructor/Salesperson

Liz is one of our newest instructors, she joined us a few years ago and has been a big part of our success in our training operation.  Never one to just stand by and watch she has gained the skills and knowledge that make her a important part of almost all of what we do at Historic Arms.

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