AR-15 Build Class

There is a real sense of pride associated with building your own rifle but not all of us have the knowledge, skills or experience to do that. For that reason we have developed this course.

No tools are required to take this class; everything needed to build YOUR AR Rifle will be provided! The only prerequisite for this class is a basic knowledge of firearms and firearm safety.

You will be building AR rifles in .223/5.56, 300blk, or .308 caliber. These rifles will be assembled (by you) from new parts, using US-made Mill-Spec receivers, US-made barrels, 10″ Full Float Handguards (Key Mod), Low Profile Gas Blocks etc..

This is a standard AR rifle build; only bolt-on accessories for customization can be fitted during the build, and any accessorizing requiring extra machining cannot be achieved during the limited time frame of this class.

This is not a leisurely-paced class, but each step in the process will be explained and supervised. By the end of day, you will have a fully assembled AR-15 or AR-10 rifle, built by YOU! You will complete the Federal 4473 and Virginia paperwork and leave with rifle in hand, or for non-residents, you may have your rifle shipped to an FFL of your choosing, for transfer to you (please research state and local laws in your location). We have all the necessary licenses to do this legally (FFL, Manufacturing, etc). These will be 100% legal by all Federal and Virginia state laws, serialized firearms when finished.

Payment of $200 is required for registration to secure your spot in the class the remainder will be due at the class.

For any questions, contact us at Please reference the AR Build Class in the subject line.

We hold these classes at the Chantilly Gun Show, as well as at our facility outside of Moorefield WV. Please check our calendar for upcoming dates.

AR-15 5.56 Nato 16″ Rifle Kit Pictured Below

AR-15 Pistol 5.56 Nato 10.5″ Barrel $700.00 ($730.00 with tax)

AR-15 Carbine 5.56 Nato 16″ Barrel $700.00 ($730.00 with tax)

AR-15 300 Blackout 16″ Barrel $750.00 ($783.00 with tax)

AR-10 .308 18″ Barrel $ Out Of Stock


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