Constitutional Carry (Concealed) in Virginia

The other day I had a conversation with a friend of mine and he made the comment that Virginia should go Constitutional Carry for concealed carry and allow anyone that is legal to own a gun be able to carry it concealed just as they can with a gun that is openly carried.
As I told him, I’m all for it, but…. As I explained it to him, that doesn’t do a whole lot for you outside of Virginia. Yes, you would not “need” a permit to carry (openly or concealed) in Virginia, but unless you are going to, or through another state that is also a constitutional carry state for open/concealed carry you would not be allowed to conceal a firearm in that state, and you would still need a CHP (Concealed Handgun Permit) from Virginia, and have reciprocity between the two states to be able to conceal a firearm in that state.

Basically, it comes down to you would still need a permit to carry outside of Virginia just as you do now, even if Virginia goes constitutional for concealed carry. Honestly, that is why I have my CHP, so I can carry in other states just as I can here in Virginia.

Moral of this story is, we also need a National Reciprocity Federal law. Hopefully that gets done in the next few years, and we can live happily ever after….

The End…
Written by: Jason Gibbens