United We Stand… Remember 9/11

3  Twelve years ago today, the United States of America as we knew it, was changed forever, but not in the way the terrorists had hoped. On September 11, 2001, while evil men with no regard for human life attempted to divide and destroy us, and what we stand for, they were confronted with a very harsh reality; we are not easily defeated.




Instead, Americans rallied together; proud and patriotic. Suddenly religion, race, and political views all vanished, and we were all simply Americans. Complete strangers helped one another. Churches and businesses opened their doors to everyone who needed a roof over their head or a warm meal. We all forgot the petty issues that constantly rule our day to day lives, and came back to what truly matters…solidarity.




My hope is that we will show those who would do us harm that we are a united nation, and that we will stand together. That we do not give them the pleasure of dwelling on the chaos they caused, but instead focus on those we remember and love, and all those who decided to step up, and with no regard for their own safety, helped those around them. Let’s not wait for another tragedy to remind us of the importance of unity and service; let’s show the world that our country is a world power not because of its political prowess or economy, but because of its citizens.