Two Victories for Armed Citizens

If you watch the news regularly, you may have begun thinking that the bad guy always wins, and that it doesn’t pay to be the good guy, but once in a while, the good guys still win. Just a few weeks ago, on February 4th , a 67 year old man in Upper Darby, PA was targeted as a victim, but much to his attacker’s surprise, the senior citizen was no victim! In Houston, early this month, another concealed carry permit holder won a round for the good guys, as well.

The Pennsylvania man was walking on a paved trail in Cobbs Creek Park around 2:30pm (yes, in broad daylight!) when his would-be attacker emerged from the bushes and ran at the victim from behind. The elderly man heard the robber approach him, turned to face the threat, and instead of surrendering to the criminal, he struggled for the assailant’s gun. Although the victim lost his balance in the struggle, he was able to draw his own legally concealed handgun as he fell, and fired one fatal shot at his assailant.

In the aftermath of the incident, the victim complained of chest pain, attributed to the stress of the incidents, but is expected to be okay. Even though the assailant’s “gun” turned out to be a toy gun, Upper Darby Police saw no reason to detain the permit holder, would-be victim, and instead seemed to admire the man. In fact, Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood stated in an interview that he told the 67-year old man, “you did what you had to do”.

Several states away in Houston, TX, on February 2nd, just after the end of the Superbowl, two men were asked to leave a Vietnamese restaurant, presumably due to a heated argument. Shortly thereafter, one of the two men returned to the restaurant with a firearm in hand, and when they wouldn’t let him back into the restaurant, he began firing through the glass front door. Before the shooter could make it through the door, however, Vince Ryan, an investigator for Harris County Attorney’s Office, and a concealed carry permit holder, shot and killed the gunman. While there is still very little information regarding this incident, one this is for sure; thanks to the courage of one armed, law-abiding citizen, the only casualty that night was the attacker.

So the next time you’re tempted to think that it makes no different whether you carry your gun when you go out for a walk, or pay attention to the people arguing over the game results, I hope you will think of these heroes, and of how different the outcome could have been were it not for both situational awareness and a single, armed citizen.