Gun Confiscation in the “Free World”

Thomas Jefferson once said, “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms”, and that he “prefer[red] dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” However, here we are today, in “the land of the free” facing the very real possibility of gun confiscation. Is it possible that we, the people of the United States of America, have preferred peaceful slavery for so long that we have actually lost one of our most essential freedoms?

confiscationBefore we dive into what’s going on in the US today, let’s take a look at gun confiscation in history. Between 1915-1917, only four years after the Turkish government disarmed its citizens, 1.5 million Armenians were murdered by said government. In 1929 the Russian government disarmed its citizens, and then murdered about 20 million Russians. In 1935 the German government confiscated firearms, and then murdered 16 million Jews, Hungarian gypsies, and disabled citizens. Between 1948 and 1952, after the disarmament of its people, the Chinese government slaughtered about 20 million of their citizens. Nine years after disarming its citizens, between 1975 and 1977 the Cambodian government murdered approximately 1 million educated people. Need I go on? Just in the 20th century, over 56 million people were exterminated after drastic gun control measures were put in place. Coincidence?

You may be thinking that these are mostly underdeveloped countries, or countries involved in certain infamous times in history, so it doesn’t really count. So let me give you a more recent gun confiscation. In 1995 Australia put in place some of the strictest gun control measures in the world, forcing law-abiding Australian citizens to surrender their firearms for destruction unless they met near-impossible criteria. Not only did this cost the taxpayers $500 million dollars, but in the first year homicides increased 3.2%, assaults 8.6%, and armed robberies increased 44%!

Now, let’s talk about what is happening in our world today. The sate of California’s Armed Prohibited Person’s System (APPS) has created a task force dedicated to gun confiscation with the use of firearm registration lists. Unfortunately, it is very easy to be added to the civilian disarmament list; a few reasons could include people who are behind on their state taxes, those who didn’t pay a toll fee in a timely manner, and other minor misdemeanors. In case that wasn’t enough, the funding for this squad is coming from $24 million dollars from firearms purchase and transfer fees. So not only are law-abiding citizens losing their legally purchased firearms, but they are actually paying for the task force that is confiscating them!

On the opposite side of the country, we have New   York, which has begun to send out letters requiring the surrender of registered, legally purchased firearms that exceed the new legal magazine capacity or fall into the category of “assault weapon”. Here is an example of a letter one such citizen received in the mail:

 nypd letter

Is it possible that we have brought this upon ourselves by sitting back and letting politicians make the rules? We must stand up and remind our representatives and elected officials that they are supposed to be our voice in the government, and nothing more, before gun confiscation becomes the norm, instead of the exception. In the words of James Madison, “A government resting on the minority is an aristocracy, not a Republic, and could not be safe with a numerical and physical force against it, without a standing army, an enslaved press and a disarmed populace.”