Firearms And Fashion Show

What do you think of when you hear “Fashion Show”? Is there anything about that event that brings a firearm to mind? Maybe it should! On May 10, 2014 Edison’s Park Firewater Saloon in Chicago, Illinois held its second annual Firearms & Fashion Show, sponsored by two women.

The first is Marilyn Smolenski, who designs th10154497_1585171628374897_200647175395501483_n  e holsters the models wear. These holsters are shape wear camisoles with special pouches and are made to give women a “feeling of femininity, empowerment, and style, while allowing them to discretely carry” guns.

The other sponsor is Karen Bartuch, former Chicago police officer, and owner of AlphaGirls (self-defense and training school for women) stated, “we’re trying to show a different, positive side of gun ownership.” She also talked about the importance the show places on starting a topic of conversation in which women evaluate their safety.images

The show helps create awareness about staying safe, helps women feel less out of their element by carrying a firearm, and also helped raise funds for the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation through a raffle they held. The head of the foundation, Former Chicago Police Supt. Phil Cline’s spokesperson said, “many attendees are supporters of the foundation’s mission and also members of law enforcement [who defend and protect the use of guns legally and responsibly]…”.

So maybe if you don’t carry a gun because you can’t find a way to do so without having an uncomfortable, unflattering bulge, the Firearms and Fashion Show can help you find a solution. And if you love firearms, but can’t seem to get your wife to go with you to any show other than a fashion show, we have found the perfect compromise for both of you!download